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release time:2020-10-14

英 :[dɒs]

美 :[dɑːs]

  • abbr. 磁盘操作系统(Disk Operating System)


  • 1.

    不可数名词的用法:DOS is the part of a computer operating system that controls and manages files and programs stored on disk. DOS is an abbreviation for "disk operating system." 磁盘操作系统


    Where do I find the instructions to load DOS programs from Windows 98?


  • Among them were poet Ezra Pound, and writers Gertrude Stein, John dos Passos, and F.Scott Fitzgerald.

  • Books that give a kind of guide to the dos and don'ts of princely behavior.


  • Our company this year will invest over $9 billion in RD.


  • Yazoo now makes six beers, including its signature Dos Perros Ale and Amarillo Pale Ale.

  • George Bush met Mr dos Santos this week and urged him to end the war.

  • For this reason, it is essential that the outside world puts pressure on Mr dos Santos.